Ben Haderle

Game Designer and Programmer


I Dream of @dril

A surreal exploration through the mind of a twitter philosopher

A Game About Injury

An autobiographical game about a recurring injury

Take a Walk

A game about reflection, exploration, and chilling out that changes each day of the week


Pixel Prototypes

I'm making one game each week until May using PICO-8. Last updated 2/20/2018

Hook Climbin'

A 2D action game about climbing a tower with a grappling hook


An arcade game where you try to capture weak enemies in your blast radius to set off an explosion that can destroy stronger enemies.


An attempt to clone the movement of Luftrausers

Planet Jumper

A 2D gravity platformer made in 7 hours

Rainbow Run

An infinite runner where you must match each platform's color in order to survive


A 70s style arcade game made in Processing